Best Steam Mops & Best Carpet Cleaners 2016

Looking for a steam mop or a carpet cleaner? We are here to help!

Here´s the deal:

Traditional mops are time consuming and ineffective. A mop with steam will help you clean both faster and much more efficiently. But there are lots of them on the market, and not all perform well.

We have reviewed and compared the most popular models of steam mops available in 2016 to help you make a wise choice.

Below you will see the 5 winners in our quest for the best steam mop. A good place to start is also our handy 4-step buying guide or our Mega FAQ with everything you ever may need to know about steam cleaning.

If you are looking for a carpet cleaner, scroll down.

  • Bissell Powerfresh 1940
  • Best Steam Mop 2015
  • Good for: dealing with grout and crevices, stains , fresh scent
  • Features:
  • Easy scrubber
  • Fragrance discs
  • Variable steam (low, medium, high)
  • Our Rating: 4.8 Stars
  • Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501
  • Best Budget Buy
  • Good for: budget cleaning, cleaning large areas
  • Features:
  • Light weight
  • Swivel steering
  • 2-Sided Cleaning
  • Our Rating: 4.2 Stars
  • Shark Light & EasyTM S3101
  • Low price
  • Good for: budget cleaning, very light
  • Features:
  • Light weight
  • Low price
  • Very basic version
  • Our Rating: 4.0 Stars
  • Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop
  • Vacuum capability
  • Good for: vacuum and steam at the same time, or separately
  • Features:
  • Vacuum and steam at the same time
  • Adjustable handle
  • Variable steam control, high and low
  • Our Rating: 4.6 Stars
  • Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop
  • Best Pet Steam Mop
  • Good for: dealing with grout and crevices, stains , eliminate odor from pets
  • Functions:
  • Odor Elimination Discs
  • Easy scrubber
  • Variable steam (low, medium, high)
  • Our Rating: 4.6 Stars





Buying Guide

Step 1 – Selecting the Right Type

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the right type of mop. There are basically 4 varieties.

1. The first variety is the basic steam mop. It consists of a microfiber pad that is strategically positioned beneath a steam jet. As the hot steam “softens” the buildup, the microfiber pad collects dirt and impurities.

2. A more advanced mop variety is a combination between a mop and a vacuum cleaner. On top of emitting steam, it’s also capable of sucking impurities inside.

It still has basically the same shape, and is light weight and easy to store. The downside is that it comes with a steeper price. This might be the perfect choice if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, or need a new one.

3. Mops with garment and fabric steam cleaning capability are specifically designed for work on clothes, curtains and upholstery. These can be used to freshen up and disinfect the fabrics. Those mops come with a nozzle that can be detached so that you easily can use it on a piece of furniture or a garment.

4. Mops with a detachable steam cleaner is another option, and they can be very handy to clean basically anywhere in your house, from your bathroom to the kitchen.

You can clean the kitchen counters, or your shower, or almost anything in your home.

It would be easy to believe that these are too small to do serious cleaning but handheld mops actually pack a very powerful punch.

Keep in mind that steam mops are created for use on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tiles, stone, marble and glass. There’s a separate range of products designed for use on carpets and for spot cleaning.

Step 2 – What Functions Do You Need?

When shopping for a steam cleaner mop there are some features you might be interested in:

  • Variable steam – The ability to select different levels of steam
  • Telescoping pole – The ability to adjust the length of the pole
  • Neutralize odour – A system to deodorize and remove bad smells
  • Scrubber – Extra scrubber for difficult spots
  • Indicator to add water – Lets you know when you need to add more water.
  • Swivel head – Makes it easier to clean tight spaces
  • Large water tank – If you need to clean a large area you might want to look for a model that has a large tank so you don’t need to refill often.

For the Pet Owner

If you have pets the best option for you would be to choose a steam mop capable of removing odour. A good cleaner for this is the Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop, which uses odour elimination discs to remove the bad smells.

Large Areas to Clean

If you need to clean large areas of flooring, you might want to invest in a mop with a large tank. That way you can work longer periods of time.

Budget Cleaning

If you are on a budget, or just need the basics, I highly recommend Shark Light & EasyTM S3101. It does not offer much in terms of special functions, but it is cheap, probably cheaper than using a regular mop since you can clean without the use of chemicals.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 is a step up, and it has a much larger tank and offers 2-sided cleaning which makes you able to use it for longer without stopping.

Dirt and Grout

Dirt and grout can be caused by many things, pet paws, food droppings, shoes, dust etc. You might not get rid of it by simply mopping, and while steam cleaning helps, a scrubber combined with steam cleaning helps the most.

You can find scrubbers on the Bissell Powerfresh 1940 and the Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop.

Think about the features you need. Would you like to get a steam cleaner mop that has adjustable steam intensity? Some of the other functionalities to consider before making a purchase include telescopic handles, ability of the cleaner Man cleans with steam cleanerto fold flat, a long cord for added convenience, extra cleaning pads included in the package, the ability to stand upright without support, a heat indicator light and a sufficiently big water tank.
Finally, think about convenience and ease of maintenance. How should the microfiber pads be cleaned? How frequently are these to be replaced? How much do spare supplies cost? Many people ignore the importance of maintenance and they end up buying a product that is completely impractical.

Step 3 – Decide Your Budget

The typical price is around 40 – 150 $ depending on the functions and type of mop. You can actually find great mops at around 40-50 $ if your needs are quite basic, and you don’t require a vacuum or many functions.

Price is obviously always an important factor, but steam cleaner mops are generally not that expensive and unlikely to break the bank. Our advice is that, rather than to look too hard at the price, look at the functions you need in your specific case, the quality of the mop and the warranty offered.

Step 4 – Compare Different Models

Once you identify all of the characteristics, start exploring our steam mops reviews. The experiences of other buyers will also prove to be incredibly beneficial for making a good buy. Look for similar claims and advantages or disadvantages mentioned in more than one review. This way, you can rest assured that the information you’ve come across is genuine.

Which Brands are the Best?

Finally, figure out whether the manufacturer has reasonable customer support and a product warranty. Both of these are indicators of quality.

What is good for one household could be completely unsuitable for somebody else. The more time you dedicate to doing the research, the happier you’re going to be with the final selection.

When is a Steam Cleaner Machine the Better Choice?

CleanerA classic steam mop consists of a microfiber pad and a steam nozzle. The machine that is generally referred to as steam cleaner is also called a steam vacuum and basically is a vacuum cleaner that can also let out steam. A steam cleaner can often be used both on hard surfaces and on carpets. It disinfects and the vacuum sucks all dirt and particles inside.

The advantages of buying a mop is that it is much more lightweight than the steam cleaner. A mop will give you impeccable floors, it’s an environment-friendly cleaning option and it’s very easy to store.

A steam cleaner on the other hand comes with more power and a wider range of uses. On the downside, it is heavier than the mop and it’s usually more difficult to store due to its bigger size.

Steam cleaners are usually more expensive than the mops. If you already own a powerful vacuum cleaner, you may want to invest in a steam mop that will allow for hard surface disinfection. Buying a steam cleaner will make more sense if you don’t have a good cleaning appliance or you’re interested in getting your old vacuum cleaner replaced.

When it comes to doing serious cleaning work, some people prefer to go for the heavy artillery. Commercial-grade cleaners are considered some of the best steam cleaners that the market has to offer. These tend to be more expensive and more powerful than the varieties designed for at-home use.

Commercial steam cleaners are also made of tougher materials, which means that they will remain in good condition for a much longer period of time.

Steam cleaning is an ideal option for disinfecting the home and getting rid of stubborn buildup. The market has become very diversified and if you’re looking for the best steam cleaner, you’ll come across dozens of possibilities.

Going through reviews is a good option for narrowing the models down and getting a few to pick among. Still, you need to have some idea about the specifications and functionalities that your mop should most definitely have.

Top Carpet Cleaner 2016

Why do you need to clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner? Even though a carpet looks clean it might contain dust mites, grime and dirt in the fibers. While cleaning manually is not impossible, it will not be as effective, and it will not be as easy as cleaning with a carpet cleaner machine. Using steam or hot water, the carpet cleaner will clean the fibers of the carpet.

Information On Pets and Carpets

Cat and BabyPet owners need to clean their carpet more often than others. If you have pets you should clean with a carpet cleaner at least every 3 months. You should also clean with a vacuum cleaner every 2 weeks.

The reasons pet owners need to clean their carpets more often is because of pet hair, pet odor and sometimes pet urine that the carpet accumulates. The best way to get rid of pet hair, the stain, and the bad smell is to use a carpet shampooer designed to clean pet stains, they are called pet carpet cleaners.

Pet carpet cleaner have features such as pet hair collectors, special formulas to remove urine, and they are perfumed the give the carpet a fresh smell after all the stains are removed.

Here is a list of the best carpet cleaners for pet stains 2016.

Dog carpet shampooerCarpet Cleaner Buying Guide

Step 1 -Select the Right Type

If you have a large area to clean, you will need a carpet cleaner with a large tank, that is capable of handling larger areas without needing to refill all the time. They cost more, but tend to be very effective.

If you have a small apartment that you need to clean, a smaller budget carpet cleaner might suit your needs best. The price is lower, and the machine not super strong, but it gets the job done well.

If you have pets you need to look for a pet carpet cleaner, that has features such as a pet hair basket and special pet formula.

If you are just looking to clean smaller stains on your carpet, your best bet would be a spot cleaner. These portable carpet cleaners do a good job of getting rid of smaller stains fast, but are generally not suitable for cleaning large areas of carpet.

Step 2 -What Features Do You Need

Carpet cleaner come equipped with different features such as pet hair baskets, stair tools, upholstery cleaners, car upholstery cleaners and even robot hands free technology.

Step 3 -Decide Your Budget

The cheaper carpet shampooer models sell for around 100-150 USD. This is mostly the portable sport cleaners, and the budget carpet cleaners.

If you want a good pet carpet cleaner be prepared to spend around 150-300 USD.

If you are looking to clean large areas of space, and want power and a large tank be prepared to spend around 200-500 USD.

Step 4 -Compare Different Models

Always look at reviews of carpet cleaners, once you have narrowed your search down to the units with the features your require. The opinions of others is invaluable in selecting a unit that will keep you happy for a long time, and that meets your needs well.

You can find a well researched list of the best carpet cleaners 2016 in this guide. This will give you a guide you can use to find a unit that matches your needs, and budget.

When have found the carpet shampooer that matches your needs, it is always useful to browse carpet cleaner reviews.